Triathlon Programs

Who needs triathlon programs?  Just about anyone!  It’s a fine balancing act to get your training right across three different disciplines, especially if, like most people, you are trying to balance your training with a job and a family. 

Triathlon programs help take the guess work out of your training – they are typically designed by top professionals or former professionals, and have a carefully balance mix of the three disciplines, providing you with the blueprint you need to get your training just right.

Many people are surprised by how much training they have to do when they sign up for a triathlon program – surprised, that is, not by how much training they have to do, but by the fact that it is less than they expect.  Research has shown that over ninety percent of triathletes are overtrained and fatigued when they start a major race, so for many people, using a carefully designed program like this will actually result in fewer – or shorter – but more targeted training sessions.

The key is to ensure that every workout has a purpose.  Many people think that the best way to get in shape for a race is to simply pile on the mileage, but in truth that is a very crude approach.  It is far better to balance out speed work, endurance sessions, hill work, and rest days so that you stay sharp and fresh and able to complete each workout properly.

By using the services and knowledge of someone who has been there and done that at a high level, you are taking the guess work out of your training – and with the huge variety of interactive and online options available, you can chart your progress from day one right up to race day.