Sprint Spikes

In short distance sprint races you need all the extra explosive power and support that you can get. The spikes that are available these days offer so much bounce and stability and will help you to power down the track to success.

Are Sprinting Spikes for you?

If you are a competitive track athlete at the shorter distances 100/200/400 meters, a sprint spike is what you need. Sprint spikes are tighter and snugger on the arch and the heel.  They will feel different to your normal running shoes as it is designed to make you run super fast with less shock absorption.

The aim of sprint spikes are to make you run more on your toes so you get to the finishing line quicker. They are extremely durable so you can have them for season after season and they are extremely lightweight making you move across the ground quicker. Sprinting spikes have minimum support, support is not virtual as you will not be in the spike long enough to create any damage or problem. The spike plate will be made of plastic and depending on the brand of the spike will depend on how many spikes are needed in the plate they vary between 3 and 8. The advised spike length would be 6mm; most officials would not allow you to compete if the spike length was more or less then 6mm. Most sprint spikes are unisex it would be advised to order your spikes in your normal shoes size where as trainers we normally advise you to buy one shoe size bigger than your normal shoes.

Top Selling Sprint Spikes

• The most popular sprint shoes are the Adidas B Demolisher; these come in a silver and black and need 8 spikes for the plate.  The spike weight is reducing by the upper synthetic and the mesh tongue. Usually priced at around £80.
• Nike zoom Mawler Sprint spike, this shoe is becoming increasingly popular and it uses carbon fibre.  This is the first sprint spike in the Nike range to have this performance enhancing technology. If you want to run faster then this is the spike for you. Usually priced at around £90.

• Nike Zoom Celar
• Nike Zoom Rival S 2009
• Asics Cyber Flash
• Saucony Crescent Sprint

Other brands of spikes that are widely available are Mizuno, Puma and Asics.