Long Jump Spikes

Our favourite long jump spikes are listed below. If your a serious long jumper then you should take time to choose the right spikes for you so that you can get the most out of your performance. Long jump is a techical event and it is good to get every aspect correct including your choice of footwear.

If you compete in the long jump it is extremely important for you to get a pair of supportive, breathable and lightweight spike. Long jump spikes are often constructed very similar to sprint spikes especially the plate at the bottom of the spike. This is important because at the beginning of the jump speed is needed to be built up to then get the strength and power to jump long. Long jump is high impacts even therefore the brand designers produce the spikes will high cushioned support. This will be very beneficial for you as it will protect the knees reducing the impact of the jump on the knees. The Spikes will come in sizes from 3-9 for women and sizes 6-12 for men. The price range will be between £65 and £90.

Long jump spike brands

We compare a variation of brands for long jump spikes, here they are:

The Adidas Adizero range:

• 7 Spike plate.
• The spikes is black and yellow.
• weights 8.7oz so it’s lightweight.
• The design is fashionable and effective, there is a zip to do the spikes up but they also have laces, the zip will hide the laces giving a more appealing style.
• Price- £85

Nike zoom long jump:

• 6 plate spike.
• They are red, white and black.
• They have a Velcro strap going across the front for adjustment so if you prefer them tighter you can tighten them with the strap.
• They are a performing enhancing product which is for those who want to be powerful on the track and jump longer.
• Price- £80

Asics Cyber Jump Beijing:

• Weight- 220 grames
• 8 plate spike
• Extremely lightweight and durable
• Red, Black and Silver
• There is a strap located near the laces this is for additional tightening and security of the spike.
• Price- £75

Our Favourite: Adistar Long Jump Spikes

Flexible and stylish long jump spikes from Adidas with a 7-pin spike plate and a zip to keep laces secure. They also have cushioning in the heel. Made from textile and synthetic on the upper side and the lining and outsole are also synthetic.