Adidas Running Shoes

Adidas have a great reputation for running shoes they are known for their shoe’s long lasting lifespan and for their high quality performance shoes. Adidas use Adiprene for their cushioning; the shoes are well cushioned in the fore foot and the heel. At the bottom of the heel of the Adidas running shoes there are three plates that move around when running this helps shock absorption.

About the shoe range

Adidas shoes are now a narrow fitting shoe, so if you have a slim foot this would be a recommended shoe for you.  Some of the models have biopolymer on the side of the shoes, for extra protection and softness. Adidas have launched the Micoach product; this offers people to be personally coached by a small computer which is placed on the arm. All Adidas shoes are now compliable with the Micoach product. There is a small hole under the sole of the shoe where the clip fits; this is made to be discreet so you will not feel it in the shoe. The models we stock are the; glides, rides, sequence and the salvation.

Adidas running shoes: Top Picks!

The Adidas Ride is a neutral shoe; it is seamless so there is less chance of your foot getting irritated while running. The ride offers great cushioning and has a memory foam heel adding extra comfort.  This is a great shoe for someone who wants good cushioning and softness.

The Adidas Sequence is a moderate support shoe; it has a geo-fit construction which adds additional comfort while running.  The shoes have a quick-strike which allows a range of movement so you can run on your toes making you run quicker.

The Adidas Salvation is a moderate/motion control shoe. The shoe has plenty of cushioning but also offers lots of structure and stability while running. Adidas are continuously making the shoe lighter for performance. Fit-foam is used in the shoe, this enable the shoe to be moulded to the foot shape, which adds a personal touch to the shoe.