Running Shop

Why not check out our running shop for all that runners shoudl need?  While running is a beautifully simple sport, having the right shoes and clothing can make the difference between a comfortable run and a miserable one.  Not only are good shoes essential, but so to is appropriate clothing if you are going to run regularly.

Shoes are of course the one essential for regular running.  Running in inadequate shoes – whether because they are not designed for running or because they are worn out – can lead to injury.  The right shoes will feel so good that you can just relax and enjoy your run.

Clothing too makes a big difference.  While you can run in baggy sweats and an old t-shirt, when the weather shifts towards the extremes – whether it is hot or cold, windy or wet – you’ll want appropriate clothes.  Clothes for runners are designed to fit properly (nothing floppy or baggy), and to deal with the elements.

Modern fabrics will wick sweat away, keep you warm even when you are sweating, keep the rain out, or block the wind.  Whatever the weather, you’ll find fabrics designed to deal with it – from socks to hats, the right clothes will help you look better and be more comfortable.