Womens Clothing

It's important to make smart choices when looking for women's clothing that is suitable for running.  There are lots of options in women's clothing for runners, and while factors like price and fashion will inevitably play a part in your decisions, the most important factor should always be comfort.

Probably the most important item of women's clothing for running is a jog bra. Getting the right jog bra will make all the difference to your running in terms of comfort, but you have to take your time and get it right.

First and foremost you are going to have to try a bra on – the best place to do that is a specialty running store, where they will have a good variety of sports bras designed specifically for high-impact sports like running.

The first consideration is the fabric – look for moisture-wicking fabrics such as Coolmax and Drifit, which will minimize chafing.  The fabric to avoid is cotton – once it gets wet it stays wet.  Another critical issue is the seams – choose seamless fabrics, seams with rolled edges, or covered seams, and if you like under-wire bras, make sure that the under wire is completely covered.

Once you have narrowed your choice down to a few appropriate bras, try several on.  They won't necessarily fit the same as your normal bra, so you need to be sure that you get both size and cup size right.  If the material wrinkles or bunches it's too big, while if cuts into your skin, it's too small.

When you've found one that feels good, move around a bit – jog in place or do some jumping jacks so you can be sure that the bra provides the support that you need.  And finally, once you have found the perfect jog bra, don't wear it forever – the elasticity will fade over time, so check regularly to be sure it still fits and supports you properly.

Other items are less critical, but nonetheless follow the same rules.  For example, the shorts and tops that you wear for running should be made from the same high tech, wicking materials as your sports bra.   Clothes designed specifically for running will transport sweat away from your skin, keeping you comfortable whatever the weather.

What will you need for running?  In addition to your jog bra, you'll also need socks – again, avoid cotton – shorts and tops for warm weather.  If you are the hardy type who will run year round, then you also need to consider winter running clothes.

Winter running clothes need to protect you from both cold and rain – the most popular choice for your lower half is running tights, they have a snug fit and come with varying degrees of insulation, depending on how cold it is.

For the top half, layers are best, so that you can adjust according to the temperature, or slip on a lightweight breathable rain shell when the great British weather turns wet!