Running Clothing

The importance of wearing running clothing compared to ordinary sports clothing is that the clothes are designed for performance enhancement and finest protection. There are all types of running garments; there are jackets, shorts, tights, short sleeve top, long sleeve tops and vests. Athletics brands vary there are a number of running specialist brands; Adidas, Asics, Brooks, Gore, New balance, Nike and Puma.

Running clothes have extra stretch so movement while running is much easier making the run a lot more comfortable. Lycra clothing is breathable this enables the material to absorb the sweat from the skin making you feel dry and chilled. Another benefit of using specific running clothing is that it’s designed to be lightweight. The shorts and tights have extra elastic around the bottom this adds extra comfort while running. Most of the shorts have a small pocket placed in the back of the short so there is a space for keys or an IPod.


There are a number of technical aspects to the clothing such as reflector, reflectors are extremely important in the winter the light shine off the reflectors giving visibility and safety. The technical fabrics have made it more enjoyable to run on a cold, dark evenings. Windproof and waterproof jackets make it easier to step out the door for runs; they give the protection required in the worse weather conditions. Base layers use smart fabrics while running the clothing will add extra warmth to the muscles but at the same time it also keeps the body temperature cool.