Running Hats

Running hats are required in any condition, for those summer shiny months a running cap will keep you cool and reduce your head getting burnt, and for those winter months a running cap will keep the rain and the wind out of your face. While running it will not take a long time for these conditions to affect your performance therefore buying a running hat is crucial.

Why wear running hats?

All running hats are lightweight and breathable; they have additional ventilation making your head cooler while running. The hats come in standards sizes however they have a strap placed at the back of the hat where you are able to adjust the hat to fit your head shape.

The Gore running hat has a great advantage over the other brands, they have constructed the cap so it does not just protect the head it has an extra fabric piece going down the back of the hat so there is additional protection for the neck. The price range will be anything between £8 to £20.

The winter running hats are different to the summer hats, the hats job is to keep you warm, they are produced to wick away the sweat and are still extremely breathable. A winter hat will cost anything between £8-£15, most of the winter hats come in a twin pack, so there is a hat and a pair of gloves. If a thermal hat is not what you want Run Fresh also stock a thermal running head band, we sell Nike and Gore headbands (made from warm fleece). The headbands are placed over the head and the ears, the bands protect the ears from the tough winter conditions, this is a new design which is becoming increasingly proper with the ladies. The headbands have flat seams so they don’t irritate while running also they headbands are made from elastic so there will be limited movement from the headband will running slow or quick.