Running Clothing

Wearing the right clothing for running is essential if you intend to run more than just occasionally.  It’s not just about how you look – running clothing uses designs and fabrics that work hard to keep you comfortable whatever the climate.

Wearing the right clothing for running starts with your socks.  While many people just throw on a pair of cotton gym socks for running, that’s a big mistake if you are covering anything more than a couple of miles.  When you sweat, cotton socks soak up the moisture, making them bunch around your feet.  Research shows that you are much more likely to get a blister when you are wearing cotton socks.

Properly designed running socks, on the other hand, will wick sweat away from your feet, keeping them dry and blister free.  In addition they will be elasticated in the right areas so they stay up, and are made with padding just where you need it for comfortable running.

On your lower body you will either want shorts, in the warmer weather, or running tights for when the weather turns cold.  Again, choosing shorts, underwear and tights designed for running will reduce chafing and ensure a comfortable run.

Shirts, tops and running bras are also essential items – fabrics that wick sweat away will keep you more comfortable not only in the warm weather, but also when it is cold.  These wicking fabrics draw moisture away from the skin and stop sweat from chilling against your body.

To top it off you’ll want gloves and hats for the cold weather.  If you wear the right clothing, running is a sport you can do year round, whether it is a sweltering twenty five degrees, or there is snow on the ground.