Running Accessories

Run Fresh has many running accessories that will add style and fun to your runs. Buy different accessories from water bottles, hats, head bands, sunglasses, running belts, visibility bibs, iPod cases, key wallets and earphones. A running hat is essential for the keen runners, no matter what the condition is, rain or sunshine, a quality running hat will always be value for money. It will save you straining in the summer months and keep the rain and wind out of your face in the winter.

Accessories for Marathons

Running belts are useful for those long runs; they fit up to 6 gels, so when you need that extra boast of energy they are there and easy access. If you are going to run a marathon or a half marathon it would be recommended to you purchase a belt instead of carrying or putting the gels in your pockets.

Visibilty, iPod and Key running accessories

For those who like to run with music we have two key accessories for you, an iPod cases that fits Nano’s, the classic iPod and the iphone, so those long runs will be fun and no longer lonely. The sennheiser PMX II headphones are top selling on the website.  They are specifically designed for running, the earphone curls around the ear so the earphones fit perfectly so when you are bouncing up and down they are securely fitted.  They are resistance to water and sweat.

Key wallets are fantastic they can be attached onto your laces of your trainers; the little wallet has a Velcro strap adding security so there is no chance that the key would fall out. Instead of using a pocket at the back of your shorts get yourself a key wallet.

The running visibility vests are produced by Ronhill and for safety purposes we would recommend that you purchase a vest.  With the Florence colours of yellow and pink these vests will make you stand out in the dark.