Running Headphones

If you find it lonely running by yourself and you have no one to run with then why don’t you use your MP3 player, Iphone or an Ipod? If you want to know your distance, calories burnt and times why not purchase the Nike plus system? However none of these items can be used without a pair of efficient running headphones, a pair of normal running headphones are not designed for running therefore to enjoy a comfortable run.

Latest running headphones

You want a pair of running headphones that will fit in your ear without movement while running; they should be a snug fit in your ear. The headphones will have soft flexible clips that you can put around the ear adding extra comfort. Some headphones come with an extra piece which you put around your head which reduces the movement while running; this doesn’t add any additional weight. The headphones are also lightweight so they will not feel heavy in your ear ensuring the run is enjoyable with light headphones and your own motivation music. 

Most of the headphones are sweat resistance and shower resistance therefore there is no worry that the headphones will not be useable in the tougher winter months.  The headphones come in various colours so you can match the headphones with your  MP3 player, Iphone or Ipod. The prices vary, you can pay as less as £10 than and as much as £40, it all depends on how technical you wish the headphones to be.

If you get a specific designed pair of running headphones you will be able to tell the difference in the first few steps of your run, you will not be disappointed. Purchasing a new running accessory like a pair of headphones is money well spent, they are certainly cost effective.