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Running is big business these days.  As one of the most accessible of sports, it has millions of participants in the UK, and many millions more worldwide.  And while you might enjoy simply going out and running by yourself, you are nonetheless part of a huge worldwide community.

One of the biggest growth areas recently – particularly in the UK – has been the involvement of charities in running events.  The London Marathon is probably most responsible for this, with virtually every runner raising money for some kind of charitable cause.  However, this has now spread far beyond the London Marathon to include races of all different kinds all over the UK – between them they raise millions of pounds for good causes every year.

The market place has not been slow to pick up on the popularity of running, with various brands strongly associated with running over the years – from Nike to New Balance, Adidas to Reebok, all the big players in the athletics marketplace have a strong presence in running.

As a consumer that means you have a choice between all the top companies, each striving to offer a range of technical products to meet your needs.