Eating & Race Preparation Nutrition

Getting your race preparation right is a hugely important part of enjoying your race and putting in a good time.  After all the months of training, all the miles you’ve done, you want to be sure that what you do in the days and hours leading up to the race allow you to maximize the work you have done.

Race preparation starts in the week or two leading up to the race.  Depending on the length of the race, you should be tapering your training in the week or two before the race, gradually reducing your mileage so that when you stand on the starting line you are fresh and rested.

You also need to check all your equipment a week or two before the race, make sure that you have everything you will use on race day, and that it is in good condition.  Most important are your shoes and socks, and the clothes that you will wear on race day.  It is never a good idea to wear new shoes or clothes in a race, so if anything needs replacing, do so a few weeks before and wear it in first.

As the race approaches you want to be sure you get enough sleep – research has shown that it is the sleep you get two days before a race that is most critical, so if your race is on a Sunday, make sure that you get a really good night’s sleep on the Friday night – that way even if you are nervous and have trouble sleeping on Saturday night you will still be properly rested.

Finally, make sure you eat a good breakfast a couple of hours before the race – don’t try something new, just your regular breakfast, making sure it contains lots of carbs.  Then strap on your shoes and get running!