Marathon Programs

If you plan to run a marathon, then marathon programs make a lot of sense.  Marathon programs are designed and written by people with years of experience running and training others to cover the 26.2 miles, and take all the guess work out of training for you.

Let’s face it, simply getting your weekly miles in is going to be enough of an effort, so why add the concern about whether your training is truly effective?  Because the truth is there is a big difference between simply going out and running a lot of miles and actually training for a marathon.

A well designed marathon program will help you to gradually increase your fitness and stamina over the course of the months, preparing your body to withstand the rigours of the race.

This is crucial if you are to enjoy the race itself – let’s face it, you will have prepared hard for this for months in advance, run hundreds of miles, so you want to enjoy it.  Using an effective training plan is the best way to make sure that you are at your best on race day.

When you follow a proper training plan you will find that each and every run has a purpose – it’s not simply about going out and plodding round the neighbourhood for mile after mile every day.  Rather, it’s a progressive system that builds week by week on your fitness and your speed.

The result?  As time passes, you will be able to run further, and faster.  You will also find that appropriate rest days are built in, so that as the race approaches you gradually reduce the workload (this is called tapering) so that when you start the race you feel fresh and ready to go.