For many people running a marathon is the pinnacle of their athletic endeavour.  The 26.2 miles has taken on legendary status, and the chance to run a marathon, at least once in a lifetime, is one that many people find unable to resist

What often makes this so much fun is that there are now races held all over the UK, and indeed all over the world.  From London and the New Forest to Berlin and New York, there are great marathons to compete in throughout the year – just choose your location!

Of course, for most people running this far requires months of careful training, trying to find that fine balance between getting faster and fitter while not getting injured.  When you are training for a marathon, there is no substitute for doing the miles every week, but you also have to be smart – simply piling on more and more miles has led to countless runners sustaining injuries over the years.

Smart training is what will get you to the starting line ready to race, and that means understanding the balance between speed, distance and intensity, and ensuring that every run you do has a plan and a purpose behind it.