Half Marathon Programs & Training Programs

There are lots of half marathon programs for you to choose from, all of them designed to help you complete the 13.1 miles as comfortably as possible.  Whether this is a goal in and of itself, or a stepping stone towards completing a full marathon, using a half marathon program is a sensible choice to make when you are preparing for a race of this distance.

Even thought it’s only half the distance of its big brother, it’s wise not to underestimate this race.  It’s still a long way to run – much further than most people ever run – and so it makes sense to train properly.

Choosing a half marathon program will ensure that you strike the right balance in your training – neither over training nor under training.  Surprising as it might sound, many people who train by themselves for long distance races actually end up running too far or too often in their concern to be prepared.

Over training leaves you feeling stale and heavy legged, and can result in injury.  A well designed program, on the other hand, will optimise your training efficiency – people often worry about how many miles they should run per week, but the simple answer is as few as is necessary to get you in shape for the race.

The reason that a well-designed program takes this approach is two fold.  Firstly, for most people, once you get past a certain point, adding extra miles adds to the chance of getting injured.  Secondly, when you are following a plan prepared by someone with experience of training athletes for this distance, every run has a purpose – there are no ‘junk miles’ – so you can actually run fewer miles overall.

With the right program you can enjoy your training, and be fresh and ready to race on the day.