Half Marathons

There has been a recent increase in popularity for half marathon races, both in the UK and worldwide.  There are probably two reasons for this – firstly, many people who would like to run a marathon either run a half marathon as part of their preparation, or instead of a full marathon.  Secondly, many people who have already run a full marathon see half marathons as a challenge that keeps them running, but without the excessive training needed to run full marathons.

As a result, there are more and more half marathon races springing up in the UK, offering distance runners a great choice of races.  For dedicated racers, there are great races taking place throughout the year.

However, just because a half marathon is, well, exactly that, doesn’t mean that it is easy.  Anyone who wants to race this distance needs to do some serious training.  Simply doing a few runs then trying to race over this distance is a recipe for disaster.

Indeed, most of the training will be the same as for its big brother – the biggest difference you will notice will be that you don’t need to do the mega long runs (16-20 miles) required when training for a marathon.