Running Events & Calendar

There are hundreds of great events for runners every week of the year – not just the big name marathons and half marathons that many people are familiar with, but other events that will test you in a variety of different ways.

The sheer simplicity of running means that organizers can set challenging courses over a huge variety of different terrain and distances.  For example, there is a growing interest in traditional events such as fell running and mountain marathons.

These races involve not just huge distances, but also terrain that would make a mountain goat nervous.  Maintaining speed while scouting a route over rough ground is a skill unto itself, and something that takes a great deal of training and practice.

For those who like something more than just running, there are various running challenge events that include obstacles such as army assault courses, ditches, streams, and huge mud baths.  Simply being a fast runner is not enough – you also have to be tough enough to withstand the cold and the elements as you slog your way around the course.

Finally, for those for whom 26.2 miles is not enough, there are various ultra marathons, covering distances of up to 100 miles.