Running Challenges & Marathon Challenges

With so many people having run a marathon or completed a triathlon, running challenges have come along to offer the next level of adventure.

Running challenges aim to push you to achieve things you didn’t think possible.  Events such as the Tough Guy will put you on an army assault course where you will find yourself crawling under barbed wire, sloshing through ditches of icy water, and climbing over a variety of obstacles.

Another option is the Coast Raid series, held annually in Devon.  This is a series of races that includes coastal runs, multi-sport adventure days, and the biggest challenge of them all, a non-stop 140-mile coast-to-coast race across the county.

Coastal races are very popular, with great scenery and rolling cliff tops providing ideal terrain for racing – in addition to the Devon races, Anglesey now hosts a popular event, which includes climbing Holyhead Mountain a mile from the finish!

If you venture outside the UK you’ll find an even greater variety of races to challenge you.  One of the most notorious is the Marathon des Sables, 140 miles across the Sahara Desert, while at the other extreme of the climate there is the North Pole Marathon.

Less famous races worth considering include La Trans Aq' Ultra Trail – this French race, like the Marathon des Sables, runs for six days, but in this case you cover 230km along the French coastline.  If that doesn’t sound tough enough for you, there’s always the Ultra Trail Tour du Mont Blanc, an epic multi-stage endurance race around Europe’s biggest mountain, that will take you through parts of France, Switzerland and Italy.

What all these events have in common is that they give you the opportunity to push yourself, to achieve things you never thought possible – and as many experienced racers will tell you, once you start doing that, you’re hooked!