Duathlon Training & Train for Dualthons

The challenge of duathlon training is balancing the two events (running and biking) in such a way that you are prepared for both, without feeling like you are spending every free moment training.

Many people see a duathlon as an easier option than a triathlon (no swim!), but in reality, it can often be harder – with its run/bike/run format, by the time you get off the bike and start running, your running muscles are already fatigued.  Add in the fact that most people go out too hard on the first run, and you understand why so many people find it a real struggle to complete the second run.

What all that means is that except for the elite few who are racing to win, for most people the challenge is having enough left in the tank to do the second run in some degree of comfort.  It is far better to have a little in reserve and be passing people on the second run leg than to be exhausted, and watch helpless as people cruise by you in the home straight.

So how does this translate in terms of training?  Of course you have to do the miles on the bike and on the run, but you also need to train for the demands of the race – and that means the dreaded "brick" workouts.  These are back to back sessions of biking and running or running and biking, and they lie at the heart of any good duathlon training program.

However, it’s also important not to overdo them.  For most people, one brick per week is plenty, and it should always be followed by an easy day, or ideally a day off.  Getting the right balance in your training will allow you to feel fresh and ready to go on race day.