Duathlon Programs & Training Programs for Duathlons

Do you need to use duathlon programs to help you prepare for your next race?  Probably – unless you are a very experienced multi sport athlete, with years of training and racing behind you, the chances are that working with a carefully designed duathlon program will enable you to train smarter and ultimately race faster.

The duathlon is a demanding discipline, with the run/bike/run format far harder than many people anticipate when they first attempt it.  While it doesn't have the swim that intimidates so many people in a triathlon, the combined effects of the two runs – sandwiched either side of the bike leg – adds a unique twist that takes many people by surprise.

For most first time duathlon racers the pattern is the same – they go out too fast on the opening run leg, go hard on the bike, then struggle to even complete the second run, watching in vain as more experienced and better trained athletes cruise past them.

How do you avoid this scenario?  By utilizing the advice of someone who has the knowledge and experience of these races, and can design a training program that prepares you effectively for the race.

That means that any program you look at must be designed by someone who has direct experience of these races – simply getting the personal trainer at your local gym to help you prepare will undoubtedly get you in better shape, but that is not the same thing as preparing for a race.

A properly designed training program will prepare you to face the demands of the run/bike/run format, balancing out hard training days with adequate recovery, so that when you stand on the start line waiting for the gun to go off you will be in the shape of your life.